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Vodafone Lottery Winner

Important Warning  

Be alert of the fake calls that are coming from the Pakistani numbers starting from the 00923**** and 923***. Such numbers are claiming that you have won the prize money, so don’t trust such callers and stay safe from such frauds.

Play Vodafone Lottery Online 

Now you can take part in the Vodafone lottery without worrying about the registration procedure. Vodafone lottery is now providing an opportunity to win the prize online, you can easily become the Vodafone lottery winner, just beware of the fake lottery calls.  

News for Vodafone Lottery Winners              

Vodafone has established an information center that provides you complete information about the fraud that is happening. You can check your lottery online and if you don't know how to check it then call us at the Vodafone lottery information center, our team is available to provide you assistance 24/7.  

Guidelines for Winners 

  • You can gather any information about your SIM card. 

  • Keep your personal information only to yourself as sharing it with anyone is very risky. 

  • You can share your personal information on your own responsibility. The company will not be responsible for any consequences if you’ll face later.